D5 evo motor v1 control board pcb


This cost-effective light-industrial sliding gate operator for gates weighing up to 500kg enables you to enjoy all the amazing features and functionality of the flagship D5-Evo – even if you don’t have mains power at the gate. All that is needed to breathe life into the feature-rich LCD controller is a low-voltage input, easily obtainable via a step-down transformer and dramatically reducing installation costs.

The D5-Evo Low-Voltage controller has an input voltage range of 15V – 19V AC, which means that it can be powered using a step-down transformer mounted in the house and fed via inexpensive low-voltage cables.
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  • Fully-sealed plastic housing for controller to prevent ingress of dirt and insects
  • Easy setup of controller using LCD interface
  • Removable connectors on controller for easy maintenance
  • Watchdog IC ensures full and safe operation of controller
  • Optional Backup Memory Module allows backing up of all the information that has been set up in the system
  • Opening and Closing Safety Beam inputs with Beam Circuit functional test
  • High-security cleared beam Autoclose, in conjunction with Safety Beams (PIRAC)
  • Break-in and Ambush Alarm (a world first) with configurable outputs via onboard buzzer, Pillar Light Relay, etc.
  • Multiple Modes of Operation: Standard Mode, Condominium Mode (multi-user), Reversing Mode, PLC
  • and Deadman Control Mode
  •  Automatic closing with adjustable time delay, and pushbutton override
  • Remote Gate-status Indicator (gate position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light Status indication)
  • Pedestrian Opening
  • Free-exit facility
  • Holiday Lockout – configurable as Emergency Stop
  • Courtesy/Pillar Light (fixed duration), with pre-delays and two Pre-flashing Modes
  • Full configuration of gate operating parameters, including independent gate opening and closing speeds,
  • Multiple Operating Profiles to suit region of installation – select between ZA, CE, etc.
  • ramp-up and ramp-down distances and crawl speed
  • Positive Close Mode (e.g. ensure activation of electric fence contact switch)
  • Onboard multichannel CENTURION code-hopping receiver with the ability to:
  • Learn transmitter buttons to specific functions (e.g. Gate trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Free-exit,
  • Pillar Light Control, Holiday Lockout)
  • Selectively delete specific transmitters that have been lost or stolen
  • Automatically learn transmitters into the system (Autolearn)
  • Automatically delete transmitters that are no longer in use (Delete-Not-Present)
  • Integrated ChronoGuard (a world first) with Real Time Clock and Calendar timer offering multichannel time-activated and time-barring functionality
  • Auxiliary output can be configured via the ChronoGuard timer to provide timer functionality to external devices, such as security lights, entrance fountain, etc.
  • Low-voltage AC or DC input – ideal for sites with no mains power at the gate 1
  • No need to fit costly isolators 1

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