Dual Action Tension Sensor 15kg XLGALV



Dimensions (maximum) L170mm x W60mm (including screws) x 46mm
IP rating IP54
Body UV-stabilised glass-filled nylon
Spring Stainless steel 304
Metal components Galvanised steel (TS-DATS3/XL), stainless steel (TS-DATS3/SS)
Weight ~185g
Operating detection range ~220N – ~650N
Operating tension range ~20N – ~200N
Operating environment -20°C – 80°C @ 100% RH (condensing)
Operating voltage (pulse duration <10msec) ~750V – 12 000V
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Stock Code Name Description
TS-DATS3/SS Dual Action Tension Sensor 15kg -DATS3 Dual Action Tension Sensor 15kg SS/30
TS-DATS3/XL Dual Action Tension Sensor 15kg -DATS3 Dual Action Tension Sensor 15kg/XL Gal



The patented Nemtek Dual Action Tension Sensor DATS3 can detect a change of tension in the fence wire. It uses the electric-fence monitoring circuit to create an alarm condition on the energizer. The dual action increases the likelihood of an intruder being detected and reduces the possibility of tampering. The TS-DATS3/XL can accommodate galvanised steel and aluminium wires and the TS-DATS3/SS is used with stainless steel wires. The wire diameter range from 1.6mm ~ 2.5mm. Detection range (straight line) up to 50m.

• The DATS3 is paired up with the Heavy-Duty Compression Spring Hybrid ES-CNT3HB or the ES-CNT4HB. This is so that the tension in the fence wires can be adequately maintained
• DATS3 will detect a change in tension on a fence line
• DATS3 can detect an open circuit at its first-stage trigger
• It can detect a dead short at its second-stage trigger
• All wire types up to 2.5mm
• Easy to install and retrofit onto most existing Nemtek electric fences


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