mk-fa28-c Fiberglass arrow-28″ (3pcs / card)

Fiberglass arrow-28″ (3pcs / card)

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The MK-FA28-C 28″ Fiberglass Arrow (3PCS/CARD) are exceptional projectiles that offer archers a combination of durability, precision, and reliability.

One of the primary functions of these fiberglass arrows is to provide unwavering accuracy and dependability in shooting. Their uniform weight, straightness, and precision-engineered design result in consistent and predictable arrow flight. This level of consistency is crucial for archers, whether they are engaging in target shooting, competitive archery, or hunting. The MK-FA28-C 28″ Fiberglass Arrows empower archers to achieve accurate shot placement with absolute confidence.

These arrows are optimized for use with various bows and archery applications, making them versatile and adaptable. Their 28″ length strikes a balance between maneuverability and arrow stability, making them suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios. Archers can rely on these arrows to perform consistently across different shooting styles and preferences, whether they require precision in target archery or reliability in hunting.

Furthermore, the MK-FA28-C 28″ Fiberglass Arrows are celebrated for their durability and resilience. They are engineered to withstand the forces generated during the shot, including impact with targets or game animals. This durability ensures that archers can trust these arrows for numerous shooting sessions without worrying about frequent replacements, ultimately enhancing the cost-effectiveness of their archery endeavors.

In conclusion, the Man Kung MK-FA28-C 28″ Fiberglass Arrow (3PCS/CARD) are a valuable asset for archery enthusiasts seeking consistent and robust arrow flight. Their construction, versatile length, and durability make them an excellent choice for archery enthusiasts of all levels. Whether used for practice, competition, or hunting, these fiberglass arrows empower archers to achieve consistent and accurate shots, allowing them to excel in their chosen archery discipline with unwavering confidence and precision.


The Man Kung 28 inch fiberglass bow arrow is suitable for the following bows:

  • Article number: MK-FA28
  • Length: 28 inch (71,1 cm)
  • Type of point: round point
  • Diameter: 6,9 mm
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Number of vanes: 3
  • Shaft material: fiberglass
  • Vane material: plastic
  • Point material: steel
  • Shaft color: black
  • Vane color: yellow (2) and red (1)
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